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Welcome to the family! No, really.


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Our story

We know we’ve said it before, but welcome to the family.

The Speech Parent team, Rachel, Felicity and Anastasia, are sisters. They enjoy being related so much that they decided to team up off the family tree as well, combining their skills and passion for helping children become their best selves to produce much needed resources to help families of children with speech and language delays, feeding difficulties, and other learning and developmental challenges.


Rachel is a Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist (CPSP) with a wide variety of clinical experience in inpatient and outpatient paediatric care in both Australia and the UK which enables her to translate theory into real life application across diverse clinical contexts. Her latest adventure, Speech Parent, is changing the face of paediatric speech pathology internationally by empowering and educating parents of children with communication and feeding difficulties. She describes herself as a recovering work-a-holic (we all know she isn't actually recovering - seriously who else sends emails at 4:30am!?). Rachel is passionate about: business leadership; literacy and feeding difficulties; educating and empowering others; and optimising therapy outcomes. Although these interests may seem diverse, the recurring theme through them all is a love for facilitating growth and development in others so they can achieve their own unique potential.


Felicity has completed a Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management), Bachelor of Information Technology (Information Systems), and Master of International Public Health (because change is as good as a holiday, right?). She has cared for and worked with both related and non-related children for the majority of her life, including children with special needs. While Felicity’s dream since childhood has been to “save African babies”, she’s currently focusing on raising children of her own. She and her husband currently have two daughters. 


Anastasia is also a Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist (CPSP), with experience in both the public and private sectors. Anastasia and her husband have three children. She loves to bake and once made the most perfect pavlova known to mankind - it's smooth perfection has now achieved legend status within our family. Although she can't bake for everyone in the Speech Parent family she shares a lot of her many other speech therapy talents with us.

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